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Our Approach

Are you thinking about scheduling one or more of these amazing procedures with your Plastic Surgeon?

- Tummy Tuck

- Breast Augmentation

- Liposuction

- Fat Transfer

- BBL (Brazilian Butt Lift)

- Breast Reduction

Have you considered or scheduled your Post-Surgery Therapy? If the answer is NO,  give us a call, let us be there for you!!


I have teamed up with one of the most experienced therapists in Southern California to personally train each of my team members in this unique and proven method of Post-Surgery Therapy.   We believe that your hands cannot be replaced by a machine, that lymphatic drainage alone is not enough, and that your healing time can be reduced dramatically.  Our approach is not just one dimensional, we encompass the lymphatic, blood vascular/circulatory system, along with the muscle/nerve stimulation.

Skilled therapy can successfully minimize the negative repercussions of scar tissue. We additionally have seen patients reduce their medication dependency quicker, as the number one side effect is constipation.  Being in pain alone contracts your muscles enough, but a viscous cycle of managing pain vs the side effects can be tough to manage.  We want you out of pain and enjoying those beautiful results sooner than later.  


Whether or not your plastic surgery was with drains or drainless - we believe that starting your Post-Surgery Therapy within 24-48 hours of surgery is Optimal!


We drive to you, so that neither yourself or those assisting with your care are inconvenienced.  This ensures that your recovery is within your comfort zone and allows you to heal in the privacy of your home or desired location.  Thank you for stopping by our website - we look forward to seeing you soon! 


*Please contact us directly for any pricing information*

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